Register Your Shop

Terms and Conditions

  1. Auto Center agrees to provide the discount services as described in the deal book section of the account, and Car Care Deals (“Advertiser”) agrees to sell these coupon memberships to consumers.
  2. Advertiser agrees to sell the coupon membership to consumers for a purchase price to be determined by Advertiser. The Auto Center will not pay Advertiser for the effort to sell these coupon memberships. All proceeds received by the advertiser from sales of the coupon memberships shall be the property of Advertiser. Auto Center will not receive any portion of the proceeds from the sale of the coupons.
  3. Auto Center may add packages themselves to customers without paying the purchase price to Advertiser (“in-house” sales) .
  4. Auto Center authorizes Advertiser to sell coupon memberships while deal book is set to active. Once the switch is set to “Off”, sales on will cease. Advertiser must make reasonable efforts – no more than 48 hours – to halt sales at any other outlet, e.g. Groupon. Auto Center must still honor all coupon memberships sold prior to the end of this 48 hour period. If an Auto Center keeps all of their deals “Off” for 3 months, Advertiser has the right to stop “in-house” sales.
  5. Advertiser is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the Auto Center in connection with honoring the coupon memberships. Advertiser will not be responsible for any loss sustained by a customer while using the coupon membership or by Auto Center’s failure to provide services listed on the coupon membership.
  6. Auto Center agrees to let Advertiser be the sole distributor of said coupon memberships.
  7. Auto Center warrants that the person creating this account is authorized to do so and has the authority to approve the conditions of this agreement.