Can I use these free and discount services on more than one car in my home?
Yes, unless otherwise stated.

I’ve never used the auto center before, will I get good service?
In most cases just using a few services on your first visit will cover the cost of the entire one year membership so there is no risk to try out a new shop. Our discount membership program is the perfect way to get to know a new shop, without the risk.

Does the membership expire?
Yes, please read the details of your perspective purchase, or the expiration date listed in your account, to see how many days you have to use your deals.

Am I limited to the number of free or discount services I can use on one visit?
Yes you are limited to up to 3 free or discount services per visit. You can go back as many visits within one year until you use all the coupons.

How long do I have once I print the coupon to use the services?
Once you print the coupons you will have 10 days to use the coupons. Unfortunately you cannot print the coupons now and use them past 10 days. So be sure you are ready for service before you decide to print the coupons.

Can I print coupons for my friends or family members to use?
You or someone in your household can use the coupons. Each member ID # is tied to a specific name and address.

Can I purchase this from the auto center directly?
In some cases you may be able to purchase the programs directly from the auto center. See store for purchase.