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Car Care Deals brings the customer to you!

-No fees
-Established business model
-Over 100 owners have used Car Care Deals
-Over 20,000 customers have used Car Care Deals


  • Offer customers a package of car maintenance services.
  • We sell those packages, handling all the advertising leg work for you.
  • The coupon package model generates repeat, loyal customers.


  • A single ad can bring a customer once, but then the pressure is on!
  • You want to upsell that visit, which alienates the customer.
  • A repeat customer builds trust with his or her shop

That's Not All

  • You can sell your packages to customers in-house.
  • No payment to Car Care Deals required.
  • Have an disgruntled customer? Comp them your in-house package!

To get started, just sign up, create an offer book, and let Car Care Deals roll it out for you. We only require that you honor the deals we sell on your behalf.

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