Tips on the T's

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Premium Gas

July 17, 2018

Premium fuel is obviously better, right? Not for most engines. Certain engines require the structure of the higher octanes, but if the manufacturer only requires regular, you’re not getting any benefits out of premium.


July 10, 2018

Car Tip Tuesday: Are you a good passenger? Navigator, lookout, entertainment to keep your driver awake. All these things can help you both finish your road trip safely. Riley has a tough time not being a distraction, but don’t worry, you’re probably not as cute 😛

Brake Fluid Moisture

July 5, 2018

Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts moisture. That can cause damage. Have your brake fluid flushed annually. It’s much cheaper than the alternative.

Summer Wash

July 3, 2018

Winter salt isn’t the only thing that car wreck your car. Tree sap, dead bugs, acidic rain and bird poop can all do damage. So get a wash regularly!

Bouncy Ride

June 28, 2018

Is your ride a little too bouncy? You may need to check your shocks. A lop-sided vehicle or bobbing after braking or going over a bump may be a sign to replace them.

Clear the Hot Air

June 25, 2018

Tuesday Tip: Car feel like it’s on fire after sitting in the sun? Do you know your A/C isn’t going to kick in fast enough? Open a window, then open and shut the opposite door a few times to push the hot air out. This will at least get your car to “room temperature” to get you on your way.

Windshield Crack

June 21, 2018

Many shops have the ability to fill a windshield and prolong it’s windshield’s life. Act fast if you catch the wrong side of a rock to avoid a much bigger problem.

Hand Position

June 19, 2018

What’s the recommended hand position? 6 and 6? Sorry, not quite. But it’s not 10 and 2 either! Today, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration actually recommends 9 and 3.

Feel Fast

June 14, 2018

Lower your seat! Studies show sitting high makes you feel slow leading to more reckless driving. Drive safer without even realizing it by dropping down.