About Us

Car Care Deals is the most affordable way to maintain your vehicle. We with local auto centers to offer you the best deals possible -> oil changes, tire rotations, inspections, you name it. Buy a package, manage your deals, and redeem your coupons all from your convenient Car Care Deals account.

Car Care Deals started back when paper and door-to-door sales were still a thing. Literal coupon books were sold to neighborhoods near auto centers. Thankfully, we moved online, and we’ve continued to innovate ever since. Over 25,000 memberships later, we can say we’re doing something right.

One of our strengths is how easy the service is to use! Just purchase one of the packages listed on our website. Login to your account on your phone, and show your deal  to your auto service professional. He or she will type in their verification code, and that’s it, the deal is redeemed. Sit back and enjoy getting to know your local maintenance center at a fraction of the cost. 

Throughout the years, the concept remains the same: ease the burden of owning a vehicle by offering a package of maintenance care for one low price. Customers are happy because they get a great deal. Auto Centers are happy because they get customers they would have only otherwise met using expensive and inefficient traditional advertising methods. That savings is passed on to the customer.